Vault storage at Pacific Highway Storage in San Diego, California

VAULT Storage in San Diego, California

When you need extra space, but a traditional storage option just won't do, we present VAULT archival storage. The sanctuary for your premium collectibles and precious goods too large for the traditional safety deposit box. From fine art to coin collections, documents of importance to family heirlooms, the VAULT can accommodate you with confidence.

Is VAULT Storage Right for You?

We take security seriously at VAULT. Archival storage is restricted, available only to authorized personnel, and accessed via personal security code. The facility is secured with a motion and camera monitoring system which is policed via our own security patrol. Each archival enclosure is secured via a dual key access system. VAULT employees must be present in tandem with the client to gain access. As a VAULT client, you maintain exclusive access to your space.

We construct the enclosures with steel and concrete and buffeted with high impact security doors. We are fully staffed during open hours to service your needs and maintain security.

The vault storage entrance at Pacific Highway Storage in San Diego, California