Wine storage at Pacific Highway Storage in San Diego, California

Wine Storage in San Diego, California

Proper care is the difference between an aged wine and vinegar. Our cellar is specifically designed to facilitate the proper temperature and humidity conditions for properly aging wine. We maintain the cellar in an environment of 57 degrees with a humidity range of 60-70%; the range considered the best for the aging of wine and the maintenance for the seal of each bottle's cork.

Wine is also sensitive to light and vibration, so our cellar uses low light condition only activated when the user is present. On top of that, each wine enclosure is entirely encased in steel, ensuring even a small exposure to light, and everything that can cause vibrations is kept to a minimum.

Is Wine Storage Right for You?

All units are easily accessible for the tenant and we offer large units and walk-in access. Individual wine enclosures are designed for ultimate privacy and easy maintenance of your wine. Gain access to personalized service to manage your collection including access to on-site amenities such as wine accruement, free use of truck and driver for move-in and free logistics for wine deliveries and shipments.

A sign for the wine storage offered at Pacific Highway Storage in San Diego, California